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This is the Danish part of Pablo Russell’s website.

Here you can find information in Danish about the blackfoot indian Pablo Russell, as well as the blackfoot events / ceremonies taking place in Denmark.

Note that the content on this page includes both Pablo Russell’s activities in Denmark as well as activities organized by others trained in the blackfoot tradition. All events advertised on the website are based on the blackfoot tradition, which originates from the Indian philosophy of life. This is considered to be a spiritual orientation where everyone regardless of skin color and religious background is welcome.

Who participates in the activities:

Curious comes to get an authentic experience from Indian culture, people who want healing on all levels. People who want to get energized, come home to themselves, others are looking for specific answers to issues … .. the reasons are many.

No prerequisites required – Everyone is welcome!

 Who are we?

We are a small group – a small community – which cooperates on a voluntary basis to arrange the events in Denmark. We try our best as organizers to take care of the needs of both worlds – convey and bridge in between the Native and Western world so everyone gets a good experience.

We wish everyone welcome!

– We’d love to welcome you, whether you are participating in a single event or “hanging out” for longer periods and maybe want to be a more consistent part of our group.

The good way to get a deeper insight into the Native traditions is to come and see what’s happening, maybe help out …. if you are interested in learning more, you are very welcome to join us.

In addition to the events advertised on the site, there is the possibility of joining our working days around the sweat lodges, building sweats, chopping wood, giving at helping hand at lectures etc.

You and your help is welcome:)